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Waterbed Benefits Simply The Best Sleep System Available

Why a Waterbed

Waterbeds Produce only two thirds of the pressure that other sleep systems generate. Allowing the body much deeper state of relaxation and more REM sleep. Waterbeds are a Variable Pressure Sleeping System , Less Water = Less Pressure , More Water = More Pressure . They are Totally Adjustable to suit Your Needs. No other Sleep System on the planet has this range of fine tuning available to the user .

Discover The Benefits of Waterbeds

Modern waterbeds have now become the accepted better way to sleep. They have come a long way from the water filled goatskins used by ancient Persians over 3000 years ago. Today's most popular beds (soft-sided) have a foam frame so getting in and out is simple. Technology has provided a range of wave reduced mattresses that can have less movement than conventional beds. Modern waterbeds look like any other bed and utilize the same bed linen.

When you add this to the incredible comfort and the thermostatically controlled temperature you will wonder how you managed to put up with old fashioned springs or foam for so long. We know waterbeds provide the best sleeping surface.

Ask someone who has one. Waterbed owners are the best sales people we have.

Great support for your body

The water mattress contours to your own body shape and spreads your weight evenly. So with no pressure points you can sleep in one position for much longer periods and you sleep more restfully.
Great support for bad backs
Probably the most frequent reason for the purchase of a waterbed is to relieve back pain. Waterbeds support your body evenly, so great relief from pain can often be achieved. The therapeutic warmth is an added bonus.
Warm In Winter Cool In Summer
Waterbeds are thermostatically controlled to maintain a constant temperature. Nothing is more relaxing than a warm waterbed on a cold winter's night. And during summer, turn the heater down to keep you cool. Heaters cost little more than an electric blanket to run.
Allergy Free Dust mites are well known as a cause of allergies. Dead skin permeates foam or spring mattresses and provides food for dust mites. The vinyl water mattress is impervious to dust mites so allergy and asthma sufferers can sleep peacefully.

I Love My Waterbed, Its The Best, I Make Sure Yours is Too